We Can All Thrive

I'm an optimist. I know sometimes life can be hard and we all struggle. It's our struggles that define us and make us who we are. I believe in working hard and striving to overcome whatever life throws at me.

Humans are wonderful and flawed and beautiful and imperfect. We are capable of anything and everything.

The smallest acorn can grow into the tallest tree. The toughest on the outside is often the softest on the inside and the toughest on the inside can be the softest on the outside. Be yourself, love yourself, be kind and we can all thrive together.

Dave Stoyles At The Lake In Winter

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Grethor Art - on Redbubble

Redbubble is an online marketplace where I sell my original art based on my passions: writing, music and nature/animals. A variety of products are available including t-shirts, stickers, hoodies, cushions, duvet covers, etc.

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Grepthor's Art on TeePublic

When I post art to Redbubble I usually publish it on TeePublic as well. If you prefer TeePublic over Redbubble I have you covered.

TeePublic is also a Online Marketplace and has it's own variety of products to choose from.

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Secret Puzzle Society on Zazzle

As you may know: Puzzles are one of my not too secret passions. Secret Puzzle Society is my zazzle puzzle store. It specializes in puzzles for people who really love puzzles. NOTE: I can do custom puzzles.

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Check Out My Writing Works In Progress

Atros - The Prison Planet

A young cargo ship Captain and his diverse crew survive a crash only to face greater perils from a prison planet and it’s inmates.

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Chilrdren of Ildra

A care free giant meets a rebel faery intent on establishing a homeland for her people.  They must use all of their skills to stop the disappearance of the Living Magic Stones, to preserve the future of the race of giants and to protect magic itself.

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When elite faery soldiers find themselves in a human world, they must stop their enemy from reinventing magic and from killing their god.

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